Protests Continue Against the Inactions and Failures in Finding JNU Student Najeeb

It has been nearly three weeks since Najeeb, student of JNU went missing. The JNU administration and the Delhi police have completely failed to take effective measures to find Najeeb. On 3 November the JNUSU organised a solidarity meeting with leaders from various political parties and other concerned citizens on the JNU campus. The speakers including Delhi CM, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, CPI(ML) PB member Kavita Krishnan, CPI(M) PB member Prakash Karat and several others came down on the JNU administration for its efforts to shield the attackers of Najeeb and for failing to recognize the attack on Najeeb. They also strongly criticised the Delhi Police for its shoddy search process in which it had failed to interrogate the attackers whom several students have identified, the warden who was witness to the violence and several others. They also spoke against the increasing persecution of the minorities by the present government.

On 6 November, a United Citizens Vigil at India Gate was called to increase the pressure on the Delhi Police to find Najeeb. However, the Delhi Police cordoned off the entire area around India Gate and did not allow the protestors to gather. Najeeb’s mother was brutally dragged away and pushed into the bus. Students travelling in public buses were detained and taken to different police stations. Male police was seen brutally assaulting female activists. The day saw the police sparing no attempts to ensure that voices demanding justice for Najeeb were suppressed. However, undeterred students continued to raise slogans for Najeeb and making all possible attempts to reach the site of protest. Hundreds of students and Najeeb’s mother and sister were detained.

On 7 November JNUSU gave a call for a Protest Demo in front of the Delhi Police Head Quarter against the police’s brutality on Najeeb’s mother, sister and many students on the way to the vigil at the India Gate. The students decided that in days to come they will further intensify the movement against the continuous delay and tactics by the Delhi Police to sheild the ABVP goons who attacked Najeeb. The student leaders said that there will be no tolerance to the police’s lethargy in finding out Najeeb.