AICCTU held its 9TH Bihar State Conference in Patna on 25-26 March 2017 with a focus on Protection of workers’ rights, Equal pay for equal work, and Regular employment.
Inaugurating the conference, AICCTU General Secretary Comrade Rajiv Dimri said that we are going through challenging times when right wing reactionary forces are attacking workers’ rights across the world, with Trump elected in America and Modi already three years in power in India. Modi is openly polarizing society on communal lines and is consistently cutting down democratic right of workers and common people. Yogi’s elevation in Uttar Pradesh is a clear indication that this communal and pro-corporate politics will be carried forward to the 2019 elections and beyond. Privatization, contractualization and foreign investments are cutting down drastically on employment and workers’ rights are being systematically eroded. He said that the working class is fighting against these anti-worker policies; they had held a historic countrywide bandh on 2 September last, and would be holding a countrywide protest on 5 April against the unjust sentencing of the Maruti 13. He further said that Bihar had given an anti-BJP mandate to Nitish but the latter is cheating the people of Bihar by shaking hands with Modi on GST and demonetization. Other speakers including Ex-MP Rameshwar Prasad, CPI(ML) State Bihar State Secretary Kunal, and MLA Sudama Prasad said that we must build a unity with other people’s organizations and meet and fight this right-wing pro-corporate challenge. Kalpana Wilson of the South Asia Solidarity Group addressed the conference and said that their organization drew inspiration from the struggles of Bihar’s Rasoiyas and other contract/honorarium workers.
The work report of the outgoing committee was presented by RN Thakur and was unanimously passed after discussion during which the delegates detailed problems faced by them such as forming organizations in small industries, fighting corruption and scams in labour offices, and grave negligence of worker’s welfare by labour officers. The conference elected a 79 member State Council, 39 member Executive, and 15 office bearers with Shyamlal Prasad as State President, RN Thakur as General Secretary, and Chandrakishore Prasad as Treasurer.
A total of 229 participated in the Conference. The Conference passed a 5 point Resolution which included working for the success of the Protest Day to be observed on 5 April.