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Protest Against Attack on Mosque in Jharkhand

This year on 5 April on the occasion of Ram Navami the BJP-RSS conspired seriously to foment communal polarization and attack minorities in various districts of Jharkhand. In Kolgama village, Koderma district, communal criminal elements entered a mosque during the daytime namaz and attacked the namazis and the Imam injuring five people, two of whom (the Imam and a youth) were seriously injured and admitted to RIMS Ranchi. It is to be noted that 2 days earlier, some Hindutva goons associated with the RSS had put pressure on the Muslim community not to use the mike while reading the namaz; the attack on the mosque was carried out when the people refused to bow to the threat of the goons. As soon as news of the incident reached CPI (ML) local activists they reached the spot, met the victims and arranged hospital treatment. A CPI (ML) team enquired into the incident and on the basis of their enquiry filed an FIR against the accused, naming them in the FIR. A memo was submitted to the DC/SP demanding arrest without delay of the culprits but so far no arrest has been made.

Members of the BJP-RSS attempted to take out processions without permission on Ram Navami day through disputed routes in Bokaro, Dhanbad, Badkagaon, Hazaribagh and other districts in order to foment communal hatred and polarization. Jaswant Sinha led a despicable attempt in Badkagaon to divide farmers along communal lines. In Ranchi RSS goons took out an aggressive procession on 11 April, raised objectionable inciting slogans near the Ekra mosque, and tried to inflame communal riots by attacking Muslim shop-owners on the Main Road Bazaar; however, they were not successful in their evil intentions to incite riots. All said and done, the BJP-RSS attempts to spread communal hatred and riots in various parts of Jharkhand did not succeed mainly because of the people’s awareness and conscientiousness.