AICCTU Protests Against Factory Closures

On 13th December the workers of a closed factory, DXN Herbal Manufacturing India (P) Ltd., a manufacturer of food supplements, took out a protest. The management retrenched the entire work force in 2013 without paying the terminal dues. An Industrial dispute was pending before the labour Court. Now the erstwhile management reopened the factory with a new name. On hearing the news of reopening the retrenched workers stormed into the gates of the factory and protested. AICCTU has filed a complaint against the management about the unfair Labour practice of the management. The Labour Commissioner who also is the Chief Inspector of factories seized the matter after a detailed enquiry for weeks issued a notice for cancellation of Factory License. After AICCTU’s continued pressure the Jt. Chief Inspector of Factories issued order on 6th January 2017 to disconnect power supply to factory.

On 19th December the workers of the closed factory Transmedica India Ltd. organised a protest in front of IDBI, Puducherry Branch. The management of Transmedica closed its two units in Puducherry some thirteen years back. A case was filed in the High Court of Madras for recovery of workers’ dues from the factories management. Meanwhile the IDBI auctioned the moveable and immovable properties of Transmedica India Ltd at Puducherry locations under SARFASE ACT and realized the loan money granted to the company, but the bank management failed to settle the workers dues as the first priority.  Hundreds of workers took part in the protests. The protest started with a big rally, passed through main streets of Puducherry and ended into a militant picketing in front of the bank gates. The Police had to block the heavy traffic for about an hour. A memorandum was submitted to the Chairman-Cum-Managing Director of IDBI.  The protests were led by S. Motilal, President, Transmedica Thozhilalar Sangam. Many union leaders of the Sederapet Industrial Estate took part in the protests in solidarity with the closed factory workers cause. S. Balasubramanian, S. Purushothaman and G. Palani addressed the protesters.

Later on 9 January the Bank Management released Rs.79 lakhs to workers as a part of workers dues. This has created lot of enthusiasm among workers.