Construction Workers Struggle Against Demonetization

On 9th January the Construction workers of Puducherry organized massive protest in front of Labour Commissioner’s office under the banner of AICWF demanding relief of Rs. 5000 to every construction worker from the Puducherry Construction workers welfare board. The other demands of the workers were: Budgetary allocation of 3% to all state construction workers welfare boards by Central government in the forthcoming budget session; Pension of Rs.7,500/- to all eligible construction workers ; Immediate release from Puducherry government of Rs.30 Crores to the Puducherry Building and other construction workers welfare board in order to give relief to the workers who were affected by the recent demonetization drive unleashed by the Modi government. The workers also demanded to withdraw the amendments in leave period assistance Fund rules which grossly affected the workers during rainy seasons. A memorandum was submitted to the Chief Minister through the Member secretary of the board. The protest was led by P. Murugan, National Working Committee Member of AICWF.