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Farmers’ Struggle Against Land Grab in Jharkhand

The BJP government led by Raghuvar Das in Jharkhand has unleashed several policies to grab land, water, and forests of Jharkhand to hand over to corporate companies. These include amendments in the CNT-SPT Act, implementation of faulty domicile policy, and also using the excuse of “wrong land records” to snatch away raiyot land given to the poor under ‘bandobasti’ (settlement of village revenue records) and registered in Register 2.

In Garwa district a new method for land loot is being employed. A 1980 survey conducted in undivided Bihar in 1980, which is 95% faulty and not recognized by the present Bihar government, is being implemented online by the Ranka and Nagar Uttari blocks in Garwa district. This survey is controversial even as per the 1932 khatiyan and cancels the registry of “bandobasti” land given legal status in Register 2. There is a provision for Section 87 to settle land disputes and Section 90 giving raiyots the right to appeal, but the survey has been put online without using these sections. Moreover, this survey has been put online only in the Ranka and Nagar Uttari blocks, whereas Register 2 has been put online in Garwa block. Thus the farmers’ land has been made ‘disputed’ to the maximum, facilitating the handing over of these lands to corporate companies. On 21 January 2017 farmers of Nagar Uttari took out a protest march at the Bhadariya zonal office under the leadership of the CPI (ML) Garwa district committee to protest against this move, led by Chhotelal Toppo, Gopal Bhuian, Prashant Toppo, Sushma Mehta, Kameshwar, Vishwakarma and Ramchandra Oraon. Earlier on 9 January 2000 farmers had protested at the Ranka block office. On 24 January protests were held at the Garwa district HQ. The Jharkhand Gramin Mazdoor sabha and Kisan Sabha also joined in the protests with their banners and flags. A 10 point charter of demands with the following demands was sent to the Governor through the DM:

The above agitation in Garwa district has had a positive impact. These struggles are being much discussed in political circles. The administration is also under pressure from the 2000-strong farmers’ protest at the Garwa district HQ. The struggle is on and will be continued further.