CPI(ML) Releases Manifesto for UP Elections 2017

CPI(ML) released its election manifesto for the UP Assembly elections On 2 February 2017 in Lucknow. These elections are to be held in 7 phases from 11 February to 8 March. The 6-page manifesto states that for the first time in the State, 6 Left parties would fight the election jointly and fight for people’s issues.

The Party manifesto exposes the BJP which, realizing that its ploys such as the note ban have failed, is back to its old tricks of creating communal polarization by inciting pseudo-nationalism, spreading rumours on forced migration of Hindus from Kairana, circulating Muzaffarnagar riot CDs, and playing the Ram Mandir card. The manifesto criticized the Akhilesh government in the state and said this government has cheated farmers, youth and minorities. The shadow boxing between the SP and BJP resulted in the lynching of Akhlaq and many other atrocities on minorities, with no concrete action being taken by the state government against the culprits. The manifesto also pointed out the opportunism of the SP-Congress alliance. The manifesto exposed the hypocrisy of the BSP, whose claims to work for Dalits were only words and does not get translated into action. The BSP claims to fight against crime, but it has welcomed criminals and mafia goons into its fold and has even given them tickets to contest elections.

CPI(ML) which is fielding candidates in 32 Assembly constituencies has in its manifesto pledged to fight for the following demands on 27 peoples’ issues: compensation for the losses due to demonetization; affordable rations for all and free rations for the poor; strict action against officials responsible for starvation deaths; equal education system for all; comprehensive health facilities in rural areas; laws for employment and livelihood; state government employee status for all honorarium workers; all workers engaged in regular work to be given wages equal to those of regular workers; law for accountability to be fixed for government officials who fail to stop communal violence; law against caste discrimination and violence; strict action against those who perpetrate violence against Dalits and adivasis; protection of women’s freedom and curbs on honour killing; punishment for corrupt officials; no land acquisition without prior consent; law for protection of sharecroppers’ rights; housing and agricultural land for the landless; brain fever in Gorakhpur to be declared epidemic; drinking water arrangements for areas with shortage of water; and environment protection. The manifesto has called for the defeat of the BJP, rejection of SP and BSP, and for votes for the CPI (ML) to carry forward the struggles of the poor.