Insaf Convention At Ranchi

The Awami Insaf Manch, Jharkhand organized an Insaf Convention on 30 January 2017 (Gandhiji’s martyrdom day)in Ranchi as an initiative for justice in the cases of atrocities on the minorities, adivasis, and dalits in the State. The Convention was attended by family members of the victims of injustice and more than 300 delegates from various districts of the State including activists from people’s organizations and people from socio-political walks of life.

The convention began with tributes to Gandhiji and the victims of injustice and atrocities, after which senior journalist Javed Islam presented the keynote address in which questioned the Modi and Raghuvar governments for condoning incidents of communal violence and not acting against the culprits; he pointed out incidents such as the hanging of 2 innocent people including a 12 year old boy by so-called “gau-rakshaks” in Latehar, the beating to death of Minhaj Ansari and dalit Rupesh Swansi in Jamatada and Bundu police thanas, and other instances of atrocities on minorities and dalits.

Addressing the convention Party General Secretary Com Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the challenge facing us today are not just isolated incidents; it is the pervasive atmosphere of hate and communalism being nurtured in the entire country. Our challenge is to unite and struggle to change this atmosphere of hate. This atmosphere is not confined to our country alone. The Trump phenomenon is in evidence in America. But the American media and judiciary are raising their voice there. In India, the people must stand and raise their voice without depending upon the media or government machinery. Our constitutional values like democracy and secularism are being attacked, and we must defend them to the hilt.

Com Dipankar said that atrocities have been committed in Jharkhand ever since its inception. From the Koyalkaro and Doranda firings to the anti-people amendments to the CNT-SPT Act and the Balumath and Jamatanda atrocities, the BJP governments have consistently brutalized the minorities, dalits, adivasis and poor of Jharkhand. As we are fighting in Bihar against injustice, so we shall fight in Jharkhand and gain a victory against injustice.

The convention was also addressed by JNUSU Joint Secretary Mohd Tabrez, who spoke about the movement for Justice for Najeeb and Justice for Rohith Vemula; adivasi movement leader and AIPF Campaign Committee member Dayamani Barla; as well as CPI(ML) MLA Rajkumar Yadav, Marxist Coordination Centre MLA Arup Chatterjee and representatives from people’s organizations (AIPF, AISA, JSM, Aligarh University Students’ Union, United Milli Forum, Ranchi Anjuman Islamiya) , film maker Meghnath, intellectuals and social activists. A highlight of the convention was the talks by victims and family members of injustices and atrocities: Dr Intazar Ali who was framed on false charges of terrorism and acquitted after agitations by social and political people’s organizations including the AIPF and CPI (ML) was accorded honour by Com Dipankar. Dr Intazar addressed the convention, as did the elder broher of the Balumath firing victim, the parents of Jamatanda victim Minhaj Ansari and the father of Latehar police torture victim Nandini. After hearing the experiences of the victims, the convention pledged that they would fight justice was done and the guilty punished.