Midday Meal Workers Protest

Before the elections the Bihar government had raised the honorarium of midday meal workers by 25% due to pressure from the district and state level series of agitations. As a result of these struggles, the midday meal workers should have got Rs. 1,250 instead of Rs 1,000 from August 2015

AICCTU Dharna in Lucknow

AICCTU and its affiliated labour unions held a dharna in front of the Deputy Labour Commissioner’s office in Lucknow on 12 January to protest against anti-worker amendments to the Labour Law by the Modi regime and the growing corporate-fascist attacks against the working class. The speakers on this occasion said

Reflections on Republic Day

Republic Day 2016 is no occasion for celebration but one for somber reflection. The suicide of Dalit scholar and scientist Rohith Vemula is a grim reminder of the fact that India continues to live the “life of contradictions” that Dr. Ambedkar warned about 67 years ago: contradictions between formal political

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