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Complicity of JD(U) Leader in Murder of a Dalit

CPI(ML) has said that the complicity of BJP and JD(U) leaders with the criminals and anti-social elements in Bihar is on the rise. In a recent incident a very poor dalit Mundrika Manjhi, 42, was brutally murdered because he...

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Comrade Shambhu Prasad Singh & Comrade Kamli Devi

Comrade Shambhu Prasad Singh Comrade Shambhu Prasad Singh 74, died of brain haemorrhage on 13 February. He was District Committee member in West Champaran and Block Secretary of Majhaulia. He joined communist movement in 1972...

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Political Falsification Of History

The BJP and RSS’s strategy to rewrite history is an integral part of its politics. Every time the BJP comes to power, this takes on vastly disturbing proportions, as official platforms and bodies are (mis)used to showcase...

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