ASHA Health Workers Protest

Uttarakhand ASHA Health Workers’ Union, affiliated to AICCTU, has strongly condemned the government’s act of distributing “ASHA Nirodh” at several places during the Diarrhoea and Family Planning Fortnight, and has termed it extremely insulting to ASHA workers and to all women. On 15 July, the ASHA workers’ union burnt the

Towards September 2nd All India Strike

The Tamil Nadu state council of AICCTU met at Tirunelveli on 17 July to chart out a plan for successful ‘All India Strike’ on September 2. A four-member Presidium consisting of Comrades N. K. Natarajan, A. S. Kumar, Bhuvana and Sankarapandian conducted the proceedings. Leaders representing various sectors such as

Protests in Solidarity With Kashmir

Citizens and several progressive, democratic and left individuals and organisations have held protests in different parts of the country against the brutal assault by police, paramilitaries and armed forces in the Kashmir valley that have left over 40 dead, and several blinded and severely injured. These sections have come together