Raghubar Must Resign For Badkagaon and Gola Massacres!

CPI(ML) teams visited Badkagaon several times since the massacre and have exposed the facts. Agitations are ongoing, demanding justice and accountability from the State Government that is grabbing land from the poor at gunpoint. On October 1, the 16th day of the ‘Kafan Satyagraha’ (Shroud Satyagraha) by farmers, the police attacked

Obituary : Comrade Janardan Harijan

Comrade Janardan Harijan, State Committee member of CPI(ML)’s Jharkhand Committee, passed away on 8 October. He was 54. He had recently begun working in the Panch Pargana area, determined to expand the party’s presence there. Comrade JD was born in a coal workers’ family, and when offered a job in BCCL,

Resist the Climate of War-Mongering and Hate

The escalating climate of war-mongering and hate in the wake of the Uri attack and the retaliatory strike announced by the Indian Government is a matter of great concern that is fuelling campaigns of communal hate and censorship in India. The media is bending over backwards when asked to kneel by