On the 45th Party Foundation Day Let’s Resolve to Carry Forward the Heroic Legacy of Our Party and Fallen and Departed Comrades!

April 22, 2014 marks 45 years of the foundation of CPI(ML). This year, the entire party is in the midst of an electoral battle, where our agenda reflects the party’s foundational principle, articulated by Comrade Charu Mazumdar, that “the people’s interests are the party’s interests.” Even as we take on the corporate-communal nexus, our party has had to suffer losses and challenges. On the very eve of nominations in the Ara Lok Sabha seat in Bihar, our Charpokhri block secretary Comrade Budhram Paswan was killed by feudal forces. Even as we have put up an impressive showing and a strong bid for a victory in the Koderma Lok Sabha seat in Jharkhand, dalit supporters of CPI(ML) in some booths have been attacked by feudal-criminal supporters of BJP, and candidates and activists in some seats have been attacked by communal and criminal elements. 

As the ongoing electoral battle continues, let us give a fitting rebuff to the corporate-communal forces, put our best foot forward, and strive for a powerful assertion of the people’s agenda! 

Red Salute to the Historic Legacy of April 22, 1969, and to the Memory of all the Martyrs!