Join CPI(ML)

Do instances of injustice, oppression and exploitation in life make you angry? Are you fed up with the politics and policies that promote inequality, corruption and reckless plunder of our precious natural, financial and human resources? Do you resent attacks on innocent people's lives, livelihoods and rights? Do you value your freedom to express yourself and make your own choices and do you resent attacks on the democratic right to freedom of expression and choice?

Do you dream of an India where ordinary people will have a better life and a bigger say in our country's policies and overall affairs? Where caste oppression, communal prejudice and gender injustice will be a thing of the past? And do you believe that you need to get personally involved in the battle for fulfilling this dream in whichever way you can? And get involved here and now, making the challenge of social transformation part of your lifelong mission?

We hope your answer is yes, and we believe CPI(ML) Liberation is a platform precisely for people like you. Please read the party's programme and consider the many ways you can get involved. Join the party and help spread and build the party. If you know members of the party in your area or among your friends, please contact them and tell them that you would like to join the party. If you don't know anybody in the party yet, please contact us with your particulars giving your contact address/mail id/phone no. We are looking forward to hearing from you.