“Peoples demand” rally at Pudukottai

When CPI and CPM reached out  an electoral understanding with Jayalalitha and they portray Jayalalitha as Prime Minister in waiting, about 1000 people (majority of them women) with red flags thronged Pudukottai town raising slogans against Jayalalitha government in a Rally organized by CPI(ML) on various demands of the people of this district is a significant one.

The rally demanded announcing the district as drought hit and writing off of all agricultural loans of small and marginal farmers, cancellation of land and house tax, 300 days of work in MNREGA with legal wages, land and house site pattas for those who applied for, end to practices of untouchability prevalent in this district, punishment to forces of caste domination, adequate compensation for the family of Kumaravel who was the victim of accident in Singapore, protection to all those employed abroad, ensure fearless freedom of women, and to stop discrimination in government welfare schemes”.Rally culminated at District collector’s office where a memorandum was submitted.