Preparation for Mass Agitations, Rallies All Over Bihar

As LS elections approach, CPI(ML) leaders in Bihar are being arrested to create a repressive atmosphere. In Patna, students, youth, farmers struggling against land acquisition, Anganwadi workers, electricity consumers etc are being harassed and hounded in different ways.

Recently CPI-ML Patna District Rural Committee member Com. Gopal Singh was thrown into jail as he was leading a farmers’ agitation against acquisition of BIADA land in Bihada (Patna District), and several false cases have been slapped against him. Party State Committee member Com. Ranvijay Kumar was arrested while leading an agitation by Data Entry operators in Patna. Earlier, false cases were foisted on RYA National President Amarjit Kushwaha and Party State Committee member and former MLA Satyadev Ram while they were leading a land agitation. RYA State Joint Secretary Manoj Manzil, arrested in Bhojpur, has been in jail for the past 4 months. Several false cases have been filed against AISA State President Rinki, and Darbhanga District Committee member Com. Hari Paswan was arrested while leading the Darbhanga land agitation. The government has so far slapped cases against 4000 electricity consumers, and is unleashing a spate of repression on teachers, anganwadi workers, and others. The CPI-ML strongly condemns such undemocratic repressive measures by the government.

From 10 January to 25 January, CPI-ML had organized a Jansamwad programme in 18 LS constituencies of Bihar, during which about 100 teams held around 3000 meetings in 2500 panchayats of Bihar and established direct dialogue with around 3 lakh people. During the dialogue it was clear that the people are thoroughly disillusioned with the governments in Delhi and Bihar and want a change. People want the next LS elections to be fought on people’s issues and wish to change policies, not merely exchange leaders. While the BJP wants to give a fascist direction to this aspiration for positive change, Nitish Kumar is harping on the issue of special State status in order to divert attention from his failed responsibilities. The RJD and LJP have also betrayed the people by joining hands with the Congress, which has led the country to ruin. During the programme, a number of people across the State stressed that the sitting MPs, once elected, have never bothered to visit their constituencies. The people were angry against such MPs and MLAs and were clear that they do not want an MP who would neither raise their issues in Parliament, nor fight on the streets for them.

Important issues like electricity, education, health, dignified employment, and housing, and cancellation of liquor licences have emerged as demands of the people, based on which the CPI-ML State standing committee has chalked out the strategy for agitation. One of the key issues is that of fake and inflated power bills. Nitish Kumar had declared that if electricity didn’t reach villages, he wouldn’t seek votes. The reality is that electricity hasn’t reached villages – but huge power bills have reached villages where electricity cables haven’t even been laid! In any case, the power rates are too steep. CPI(ML) has issued a call to not pay fake and inflated bills, and is demanding halving of power rates. Another huge issue is the state policy of issuing liquor licences in virtually each village. Villages are demanding that liquor licences be cancelled, since it promotes alcoholism to fill state coffers.

Jandaavedari (People’s Assertion) Rallies will be organized in different districts in Bihar from 8 Feb to 21 Feb, which will be addressed by senior Party leaders. At the rallies, people will submit fake and inflated power bills and sign petitions demanding cancellation of liquor licences.

Teams have been constituted under the leadership of Party General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya, Bihar State Secretary Kunal, Politburo members Kavita Krishnan and Dhirendra Jha, former MP Rameshwar Prasad, AIP WA General Secretary Meena Tiwari, CC member Com. KD Yadav, ABKMS National General Secretary Com. Rajaram Singh, AIPWA Bihar Secretary Shashi Yadav, former MLA Satyadev Ram, Com. Anwar Hussain, and others.

The rallies will raise 5 central slogans:

1. Daam bandho, kaam do, kaam ka pura daam do! (Fix Prices, Ensure Work, Ensure Full Wages for the Work!)

2. Takht badal do, taj badal do, loot-khasoot ka raj badal do! (Change the Regime and Rule of Corruption and Plunder!)

3. Badlo neeti, badlo raj, sansad mein janta ki awaz! (Change Policies, Change Rule, Ensure People’s Voice in Parliament!)

4. Khet, kheti, kisan bachao, corporate loot ka raj mitao! (Save Farmland, Agriculture, Farmers, End the Regime of Corporate Loot!)

5. Sharab nahin rozgaar chahiye, bijli-ration-awas chahiye! (We Want Employment and Electricity, Rations and Housing, Not Liquor!)