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Resolutions Adopted by AILC Meeting February 24-25, 2013, Delhi

1) The AILC hails the working class for the successful and historic two-day All-India Strike of February 20-21, which is a fitting rebuff to the anti-people, anti-worker policies being imposed by the UPA Government at the behest of corporations and imperialist forces. The AILC cals upon the UPA government to fulfil the key demands of [...]

Hanging of Afzal Guru: Travesty of Justice and Democracy

The hanging of Afzal Guru at the crack of dawn on 9 February, done in an extremely secretive manner without even informing his family, will be recognised by every justice-loving person as a case of justice being hanged to appease the communal fascist forces who want to make Narendra Modi India’s Prime Minister. It is [...]

Nitish Must Quit NDA and Apologise for Long Alliance with BJP Before Claiming to Be Anti-Communal

Nitish Kumar’s anti-Modi posturing while remaining firmly in the NDA as a long-standing ally of the BJP reeks of hypocrisy and deception. As a Minister in the NDA Government in 2002, Nitish Kumar never uttered a word against Modi or the Gujarat genocide. He has remained among the staunchest allies of the BJP for well [...]

CPI(ML) Statement on AISA Advance in Delhi

AISA swept JNUSU elections in a landslide win, with Akbar Chawdhury on President with 1977 votes with a margin of 1317 votes; Anubhuti Agnes Bara on VP with 1966 votes with a margin of 1052 votes, Sandeep Saurav on GS with 1657 votes with a margin of 953 votes and Sarfaraz on Joint Secretary with [...]

Patna Blasts Condemnable, Credible Probe Needed

CPI(ML) strongly condemns the series of blasts in Patna ahead of BJP rally which have killed 6 and injured scores of people. CPI(ML) expresses condolences to the families of those killed in these blasts. The timing and context of the blasts point to a political motive for the blasts. A thorough, timely, and credible probe [...]

Nelson Mandela Will Always Remain an Inspiration for the Struggle for Justice and Liberation

Nelson Mandela breathed his last on 5 December. He leaves behind a lasting legacy of determined struggle against discrimination and oppression, for liberty and justice. The plunder and enslavement of Africa, in a sense, laid the foundations of the modern capitalist world as we know it today. When Nelson Mandela waged his struggle against apartheid [...]

Declaration: Formation of Ganamancha in West Bengal

We the undersigned political parties and organisations have decided to come together to form a struggle platform: “Working People’s Movement for Democracy and Secularism” – in short “Ganamancha”. BJP’s Rise We have felt the need to unite in a common platform in the backdrop of Modi-led BJP’s ascent in the country, particularly in West Bengal. [...]

Condemn WB Police’s Abduction of Gang Rape Victim’s Body in Kolkata

The West Bengal police’s attempt to abduct the body of the Madhyamgram gang rape victim in Kolkata, and forcibly cremate it without the family’s presence, is shameful and shocking. Clearly the police’s attempt was to prevent any public protest from building around the cremation. This latest incident reflects the assault on democratic dissent and the [...]

CPI(ML) Welcomes Formation of AAP Government

Hopes AAP Will Fulfil People’s Aspirations for a Reversal of Corrupt, Anti-People Governance CPI(ML) welcomes the emergence of AAP as a powerful third force in Delhi and the fact that it brought to the fore a democratic agenda concerning some basic demands and interests of the common people in Delhi. The rise of AAP has [...]

Memorandum to the President of India on the Situation in Muzaffarnagar Relief Camps

MEMORANDUM To The President, Union of India Subject: Ensure effective intervention under Article 355 of the Indian Constitution, to stop closure of relief camps in Muzaffarnagar, ensure relief and rehabilitation for all survivors, and arrest of all perpetrators to pave the way for safe return of survivors Dear Sir, The new year dawns with horror [...]

Venezuela’s revolution has our solidarity still!

(Socialists in Asia-Pacific pledge support for Venezuela’s socialist revolution, a year after Chavez’s death, in a resolution adopted at the 10th National Conference of the Socialist Alliance in Sydney) March 5 marked one year since the death of Venezuelan president and revolutionary Hugo Chavez. An outspoken fighter for the oppressed in Venezuela and Latin America, [...]

Resolution on Unity in Action in Defence of Democracy, Pluralism and People’s Livelihood and Rights

The sweeping victory of the BJP and NDA in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections poses a new challenge to all justice-loving democracy-loving people of India. Even as the new regime starts unveiling its agenda, pronouncements made by various leaders of the new dispensation and cases of hate crime, political terror and police highhandedness being [...]

AILC Statement: Protest the Massive Railway Fare Hike

The All India Left Coordination (AILC) strongly condemns the massive hike in railway fares by the BJP Government The hike, to the extent of 14.2 per cent in all classes and 6.5 per cent in the freight charges, will place a huge additional burden on ordinary people, who are already battling price rise. Commuters and [...]

CPI(ML) Stand on CIC Ruling about Applicability of RTI for Recognised Political Parties

With regard to the CIC ruling bringing recognised national parties within the domain of RTI, the CPI(ML) Central Committee is of the considered view that there should be adequate transparency about the way activities of political parties are funded. But internal deliberations and decisions made by political parties belong to the domain of inner-party democracy [...]

Statement on BJP-JD(U) Break Up

The CPI(ML) had for long demanded that the JD(U) part ways with the communal fascist BJP, and in this context, the party welcomes the break-up of the JD(U) with the BJP. At the same time, we must point out that the alliance between the JD(U) and the BJP was formed on the basis of opportunism, [...]
LIBERATION - Central Organ of CPI(ML) October 2017

LIBERATION - Central Organ of CPI(ML) October 2017