भागलपुर में विरोध प्रदर्शन

भगलपुर 20 जून 2017.   कामरेड  जफ़र की हत्या के खिलाफ 19 जून कोअगलपुर में प्रतिरोध सभा हुई और मोदी व वसुंधरा राजे का पुतला दहन किया गया. सभा को AICWF के राष्ट्रीय महासचिव कामरेड  एस के शर्मा , माले जिला सचिव काॅ. विंदेश्वर मंडल, ऐक्टू के राज्य सचिव मुकेश मुक्त आदि

स्‍वच्‍छ भारत अभियान के नाम में महिलाओं की फोटोग्राफी/वीडियोग्राफी करने से रोकने पर भाकपा(माले) कार्यकर्ता जफर हुसैन की नगर पालिका कमिश्‍नर के उकसावे पर पालिका कर्मियों द्वारा हत्‍या

खुले में शौच जाने वाली महिलाओं की स्‍वच्‍छ भारत अभियान के नाम में फोटोग्राफी/वीडियोग्राफी करने से रोकने पर राजस्‍थान में भाकपा(माले) कार्यकर्ता कामरेड जफर हुसैन की नगर पालिका कमिश्‍नर के उकसावे पर पालिका कर्मियों द्वारा हत्‍या नई दिल्‍ली, 16 जून 2017. 16 जून 2017 की सुबह राजस्‍थान में प्रतापगढ़ नगरपालिका कर्मियों द्वारा

CPI(ML) Activist Zafar Lynched to Death in Rajasthan For Resisting Photography and Videography of Women Defecating In Open In the Name of Swacch Bharat Campaign

New Delhi, 16 June 2017. Early in the morning on 16 June 2017, Comrade Zafar Hussein, an activist of CPI(ML) in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, was kicked, punched and beaten to death by karamcharis of the nagarpalika (municipality) at the instigation of Nagar Parishad commissioner Ashok Jain when he resisted their attempts to

An Inspiring Revolutionary Journey

Comrade Srilata Swaminathan (29.04.1944 – 05.02.2017) : Veteran CPIML leader Comrade Srilata Swaminathan passed away in Udaipur (Rajasthan) in the early morning of 5 February. She was 74. Comrade Srilata had suffered a brain stroke on 28th January night and was rushed to a hospital in Udaipur where she breathed her last

Budget 2017: Adding Insult to the Injury Caused by Demonetization

Coming close on the heels of the disastrous blow of demonetization, the 2017-18 budget has gone on to further backstab the disaster-hit people who were looking for some relief. The budget has refused to acknowledge and compensate for the massive loss of income and livelihood caused by demonetization. The debt-ridden peasants

CPI(ML) Statement on Scoll.in Story on Bant Singh

The decision of Comrade Bant Singh Jhabbar, whose resolute battle for justice for his daughter had epitomised the spirit of Dalit resistance in Punjab, to join the Aam Aadmi Party has disappointed many activists and well-wishers of the communist movement. What has compounded this disappointment is the fact that Bant