12th Martyrdom Day of Comrade Mahendra Singh

Comrade Mahendra Singh was remembered all over Jharkhand on his 12th martyrdom day on 16 January 2017. People gathered in Bagodar as well as in his native village Khambra and other parts of the state in huge numbers and reiterated their pledge to carry forward his legacy, struggles and dreams. Jan Panchayats (people’s court) were organised on this day in all districts of Jharkhand where panchayat representatives rejected amendments to CNT and SPT Acts in these jan panchayats.

People gathered in the morning in Khambra to garland the statue of Comrade Mahendra Singh. CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya and politburo members DP Bakshi and Manoj Bhakta joined them to pay tributes. Floral tributes offered at the Party office in Bagodar before all of them joined the Jan Panchayat at the bus stand grounds which took the shape of a massive rally as tens of thousands of people assembled to remember their beloved leader. This was addressed by comrade Dipankar, DP Bakshi, Marxist Coordination Centre (MCC) leader and MLA Arup Chatterjee, Dayamani Barla, Manoj Bhakta and other leaders.

Mahendra Singh’s concern and devotion towards people was reflected in his militant and struggling persona. His struggles reverberated as a challenge to the politics of loot and repression inside the state Assembly which was his unique contribution in the politics of Jharkhand.

Jan Panchayats were held in all parts of state resolved to resist Raghuvar Das govt.’s attempts of evicting tribals from their lands and forests through amendments in CNT and SPT Acts and to fight for justice for those killed and repressed by the state in Badkagaon, Gola, Saiko, Bundu, Balumath, Jamtara and Topchanchi. 