The CPI(ML) organized a Jawab Do (We Demand Answers) People’s Convention in Lucknow on 26 June (Emergency Day) under the Party’s ‘Modi-Yogi Sarkar Jawab Do’ campaign. Earlier, a rally in Varanasi and 2 zone-level dharnas in Gorakhpur had been organized on 20 and 22 June respectively.

The main speaker at the Convention, Party Politburo member Ramji Rai said that the 4-year old Modi government at the Centre has failed to keep any of its promises to the people. The same is the case with the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP wants to fight the 2019 election on Ram Mandir and an agenda of communal and caste divide. But the people have learned from experience and will not allow the BJP to succeed but will give a fitting reply in 2019. The Modi government has proven itself to be pro-corporate and anti-poor and has brought the country to the brink of ruin on all fronts, economic, domestic, and foreign affairs. The BJP’s New India will be built at the cost of the destruction of democracy. An undeclared emergency prevails in the country today.

State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav, CC member Krishna Adhikari, Kisan Mahasabha State Secretary Ishwari Prasad Kushwaha, AISA and AIPWA leaders also addressed the Convention. The speakers pointed out the Modi government’s failure on various fronts and highlighted the dire condition of farmers, workers, minorities, dalits, adivasis, women, students, and youth. They expressed the firm belief that the countdown for the BJP has begun and the people would throw them out in 2019. Speakers called for strengthening Block level struggles on the issues of ration, housing, toilets, agricultural land, workers’ wages and livelihood, education, employment, attacks on dalits, adivasis and minorities, and other issues important to the people.

The Convention also passed resolutions demanding (i) release of Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Ravan; (ii) to end draconian National Security Act; (iii) a thorough probe into encounter killings during Yogi regime; and, (iv) to withdraw Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. People from various districts participated in the People’s Convention.

Save Democracy March in Muzaffarpur

The anti-Emergency Day was observed in Muzaffarpur, Bihar with a Save Democracy march in the town with slogans ‘Defeat Fascism, Fight for a People’s India’, ‘Stop attacks on minorities, dalits and women’, ‘Stop communal riots and mob-lynching’, ‘Down with corporate loot, Down with Modi-raj’. A mass meeting was also held on this occasion which was addressed by CPI(ML) district secretary Krishnamohan. He said that today’s undeclared saffron emergency is more vicious and dangerous for the people of the country than the Emergency of 1975 was.