Kolgarma village, 8 km from Koderma city, has 250 houses out of which 20 belong to Muslim families and the rest to Hiindu families. All the families are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. Some years ago the RSS-Bajrang Dal had threatened the Muslim families that there should be no Masjid, Madarsa, or Namaz in the village, otherwise they would be driven out. On 5 April 2017 the saffron goons entered the Masjid and beat up Muslims, injuring many. Cases under Section 307 were registered against Bajrang Dal members but none were arrested. For the last one year the Muslim families have been ostracized, denied access to the government well, and beaten up on occasion. Hindu families who talk to Muslims are fined.

At 8 pm on 25 May 2018 a false alarm was raised that a man had fallen into the well, an uproar was created, and light bulbs broken. Goons forcibly entered the Masjid and Muslim homes and beat up people, seriously injuring 2 women and one man. At 2 am the Muslim families went to the Koderma Collectorate and sat there indefinitely, too afraid to return to their homes despite assurances by the SP and DC. They said they would rather die in front of the Collectorate than go back to their homes and be murdered. Meanwhile RSS-Bajrang Dal members came to the Collectorate and threatened the Muslims that if they return to their homes they would be killed. The CPI(ML) informed Koderma SDO Prabhat Kumar on the phone of this development, after which some people were arrested but others escaped. When police personnel from Jaynagar Thana were on patrolling duty, RSS-Bajrang Dal members threw stones at them seriously injuring policeman Narayan Mehta who had to be referred to Ranchi.

The RSS-Bajrang Dal attackers’ names are as follows: Gopal Yadav, Sahdev Yadav, Chhatu Yadav, Motilal Sao, Surendra Sao, Sanjay Yadav, Pankaj Sao, Dr Narayan Sao, Raju Singh, Gopal Sao, Basudev Yadav, Shivshankar Yadav, Laxman Sao, Memchand Yadav, Prabhu Sao and others. They are getting protection from BJP MP Ravindra Yadav and MLA Neera Yadav. On 26 May also the Muslim families remained in the Deputy Commissioner’s campus and CPI(ML) MLA from Rajdhanwar Rajkumar Yadav held talks with the Deputy Commissioner.