Jan Sanskriti Manch and Lenin Pustak Kendra organized a memorial programme on 4 April 2018 in Lucknow on the 1st death anniversary of labour leader and Lenin Pustak Kendra manager Com. Ganga Prasad at Lohiya Mazdoor Bhavan in Narhi, Hazratganj. The programme started with the garlanding of Ganga Prasad’s portrait. The speakers spoke about Ganga Prasad’s life and shared their cherished memories of his life and work. Ganga Prasad dedicated his entire life to workers’ struggles and the creative running of the Lenin Book Centre.

The main speaker on the occasion was Left thinker Jaiprakash Narayan. The meeting was presided over by Awadhesh Kumar Singh and among those who spoke on the occasion were AIPWA National Vice President Com. Tahira Hasan, senior socialist leader Com. Girish Pandey, Kaushal Kishore, Bhagwan Swarup Katiyar, Pradeep Ghosh, Ramesh Singh Sengar and others. The proceedings were conducted by JASAM Lucknow convener Com. Shyam Ankuram.

Communist revolutionary Com. Nagbhushan Patnayak’s book ‘Kranti ki Raah Mein’ (In the path of revolution) was dedicated to the people at this memorial meeting. The book is Com Nagbhushan’s 500 page reply to the court in the famous Parvatipuram conspiracy case and is a Hindi translation of the document in English, ‘Conspiracy-No/ Revolution-Yes’. Translated by Awadhesh Kumar Singh, this book was recently published by Vani Prakashan, Delhi. Speaking about the book in his keynote address, Jaiprakash Narayan said that Com. Nagbhushan has analyzed, with the help of historic facts, the three main points of debate in the Indian Communist movement: evaluation of freedom, characterization of Indian Society and State, and the road to revolution. He pointed out that Com. Nagbhushan has dedicated an entire chapter to women’s liberation, believing that revolution is not possible without mobilizing one half of the population. Senior socialist leader Girish Pandey shared memories of the trial where Com. Nagbhushan refused to plead for mercy after being given the death sentence, and also the agitation for his release, and his national role in the formation of the IPF. Com. Pradeep Ghosh of IPTA spoke of Anil Barve’s play ‘Thank You Mr. Glad’ based on Nagbhushan Patnayak’s life. Awadhesh Kumar Singh spoke about the charges of conspiracy on Nagbhushan and said that communists do not indulge in conspiracies; conspiracies are the work of the ruling classes.

ML Update | A CPI(ML) Weekly News Magazine Vol. 21 | No. 18-19 | 1-7 May 2018