On 30 June, CPI(ML) led a procession of villagers from the Indranagar, Hadagram, Rawatnagar, Sheeshmani, Khuriyakhatta and other areas of Bindukhatta to demand pucca embankments to protect farm lands from flooding of the Gaula river during the monsoons. The procession marched from Ambedkar Park to the camp office of the District Magistrate and spoke to the DM to put forward their demands. After the procession, a public meeting was held at which Nainital District Secretary Kailash Pandey, senior CPI(ML) leader Bahadur Singh Jangi, CPI(ML) area secretary Lalit Matiyali, and others spoke about the concerns of the villagers at the failure of the BJP Government to protect them from the yearly flooding of the river. Earlier, the party had also held a padyatra in the villages on the banks of the Gaula river, and got a very good response from the villagers.