The eleven mob-lynching accused who murdered Alimuddin Ansari on 29 June 2017 in Ramgarh of Jharkhand were convicted by the local court and sentenced to life imprisonment in March 2018. The High Court of Jharkhand, however, suspended the sentence on 30 June and took up the case released them on bail on 7 July. The same day, central cabinet minister Jayant Sinha cocked a snook at the constitution and judiciary by welcoming those criminals released from jail and garlanding them.

The last couple of months have witnessed at least 7 mob lynching incidents in Jharkhand alone, the highest number among all states. Central ministers and BJP leaders themselves are openly honouring lynch mobs while even the higher judiciary has not taken any cognisance of this specific characteristic of the rule by fascists where they protect and organise feudal and communal mobs and try to normalize lynching, thus turning democracy and rule of law totally irrelevant.

Jharkhand has emerged as one of the main laboratories of this fascist project. The ruling BJP has even organised a mass protest against the conviction of these killers in Ramgarh. That is why a BJP MP Nishikant Dubey openly tried to project another incident of mob lynching that happened in Godda some time ago as contradiction between adivasis and muslims, which is a blatant lie. Dubey also promised to bear the legal expenses of the legal defence of the Godda lynchers. Earlier the accused in the Balumath mob lynching of two muslims were also freed by the court.

The CPI(ML) organised a protest march on 9 June in Ranchi against this ‘honouring’ and burnt the effigy of Jayant Sinha. The party also organised protests and effigy burning in many other districts including Dhanbad, Garhwa and Ramgarh.