On 21 July the CPI(ML) led a protest march to the main gate of the Iliya police station of Barav village in Chandauli district, UP to protest police collusion with feudal forces trying to capture homestead land that had been allotted to a dozen Dalit landless poor 25 years ago. During the BSP rule an order had been passed to give possession of the land to the Dalit patta-holders but this was not implemented. Instead a locally powerful man from an influential feudal community is trying to capture the land with police collusion.

In Gureth village of Ghoraval Tehsil, Sonbhadra district, feudals with police collusion set fire to the home and shop of a poor and disabled adivasi man Doodhnath. CPI(ML) held a protest meeting which was addressed by State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav.