A cultural protest day was observed at Lakhiehar Bora Khetro in Guwahati to spread the message of peace, unity and harmony against the lynchings. This was felt to be especially appropriate given that the victims were gifted musicians.

Many prominent and respected artists and singers organised the cultural programme with the aim of spreading the message for Integrity, peace and harmony and against superstitions. Eminent singer of Assam and activist of the Sadau Asom Jan Sanskritik Parishad, Loknath Goswami, anchored the programme. He also sang his most adored song in Assamese “Mukutir Bordhol, piritir sifung” along with many others, with the message of integrity and peace among different tribes and non-tribal people.  Manisha Hazarika also took part in the programme and appealed to the people to maintain integrity. J.P Das, Kula Baruah, Samar Hazarika were the eminent artists that presented their much-adored songs. As the singers sang, painters, inspired by the music and the message, painted. Robiram Brahma, the noted painter of Assam inaugurated the painting exhibition with strokes from his brush. Champak Borbora, Jnanen Borkakoty, Nituparna Rajbangshi were among the prominent painters, artists and cartoonists that gave the message of united fight against superstitious believes and divisive politics.

The programme witnessed a good gathering in Guwahati in June when it is often lashed by rain. The people present in the programme also resolved to work for a sustained cultural movement in Assam against superstitions and for peace and unity.