A protest march was taken out in Bihata against the brutal beating of Mahadalits by Bhumihars in Sikariya village and slapping of false cases against the dalits. Hundreds of people participated in the march including former MP Com. Rameshwar Prasad, and comrades Gopal Singh, Surendra Yadav, Vinod Yadav, Rakesh Manjhi and others.

The speakers at the meeting said that the morale of the BJP and criminal forces is high at present, after coming to power stealthily through the back door. The administration is negligent and biased towards feudal forces. The incident in Sikariya started with a petty dispute about motorcycle parking at the Durga Puja site, upon which dominant sections beat up and injured dalits Dhurkheli and Ritesh Kumar. On 1 October people from the Ravidas community reached the Thana to file a complaint. But the Thana in-charge informed the criminals, who arrived at the Thana and filed false charges against the victims themselves. Feudal powers from the neighbourng 10 villages held a meeting and resolved to ‘teach a lesson’ to the Mahadalits. The BJP may try to hide its real face but its anti-dalit character stands exposed. The people will fight against this and not allow feudal criminals to get away with their crimes.