The CPI (ML) held a protest march against rising petrol-diesel prices from the Muzaffarpur Party office to Kalyani Chowk where PM Modi’s effigy was burnt. During the march slogans were raised on the issues of rising prices, pro-corporate policies, Company Raj, Sterlite and the brutal killings in Tamil Nadu.

Protest marches and effigy burnings were also held in the rural areas of Kudhni, Bochaha and Bandara.

The protests were led by leaders from CPI (ML), AISA, AIARLA, AIPWA, RYA, and Insaf Manch. Addressing the meetings at these protests the speakers said that instead of curbing rising prices to give relief to the common people, the Modi government is acting in the interests of corporate companies. In Tamil Nadu the Vedanta Company is being served through police repression and killing people using assault rifles. The speakers said that the campaign to ‘Oust Modi-Save the Country; Save Democracy-Save the Country’ must be carried forward with full energy and vigour.