On the occasion of PM Modi’s visit to Jharkhand, protest marches and effigy burnings were organized at various places in Jharkhand. At Jamua Chowk in Giridih, Modi’s effigy was burnt to protest against the spiraling prices of petrol and other goods, the indifference of the BJP government towards bringing back the 7 workers (including those from Bagodar) being held captive in Afghanistan, and the hounding and beating up of Muslims and obstructing Azaan and Sehri during Ramzan in Kolgarma.

PM Modi’s effigy was also burnt at Birni (Gandeya Block) and Jhanda Chowk in Jhumritalaiyya to protest against rising prices and to demand initiatives for the release of the captive workers in Afghanistan. Speakers on the occasion said that the people are extremely angry at the Modi government for not keeping even a single promise they had made at the time of elections. Prices are rising, employment is at an all-time low, farmers and workers are distressed, and land is being forcibly grabbed from adivasis and farmers to benefit big corporate houses. They pointed out that the Koderma MP has cheated the people by doing false propaganda about laying of the foundation stone for the Karma Medical College.

A motorcycle march was organized at Dhanbad to demand diplomatic action for the release of the captive workers in Afghanistan. The police obstructed the rally near Nimiyaghat, upon which the protesters jammed the NH2 for 2 hours.

On the occasion of PM Modi’s visit to Baliyapur in Dhanbad, a protest ws held at Randhir Verma Chowk. A 10 point charter of demands was submitted to the PM through the Deputy Commissioner: employment and compensation for those farmers whose lands have been acquired for the proposed new Sindri factory; guarantee of jobs for the dependents of former Sindri factory workers; guarantee of return of the 7 workers (4 from Jharkhand) held captive in Afghanistan; roll back of decision to hand over Coal India coal mines to private owners; regularization of Rasoiyas and Sanyojikas (mid-day meal cooks and workers) in government schools with minimum wage of Rs 18,000; equal work-equal pay for honorarium workers; end the atrocities against and oppression of dalits and weaker sections.