A public meeting to mark the 46th martyrdom day of com. Charu Mazumdar was organised on 28 July in Thalassery, Kerala. Comrade S. Balasubramanian, Secretary of the CPI(ML) Puducherry, inaugurated the session which began after observing two minutes silence in remembrance of the martyred leader Comrade Charu Majumdar and Com. DP Bakshi, a beloved leader of the party who passed away on 26 July. The session was presided by John K Erumeli (CPI(ML) Secretary, Kerala). The meeting began with a rendition of the ‘The Internationale’ led by Com. Shaji Pandyala. Com. Madhusoodanan gave the welcome speech. Delivering the inaugural speech, Comrade Balasubramanian stressed the need for a proper understanding of the challenges of our times in order to carry forward the resistance against fascist forces. He also emphasised on the need for party activists to work with and understand the day to day battles of the struggling masses without which our revolutionary imaginations would not be useful. He went on to assert that the challenges posed by the BJP and Sangh fascists and that the political and ideological struggles outside the parliament also is a must and to be continued and strengthened to throw away the alliance of crony capitalism and the state.

Com. John K Erumeli presided the programme. Delivering his key note speech, he reminded of the historical significance of Thalassery as one of the nerve centers of the revolutionary activities both during the founding period of communist movement in Kerala and in the heydays of ‘spring thunder in the Indian horizons’ in late 1960s to early 1970s. He said it is important to imbibe the revolutionary essence of Naxalbari movement in our efforts to build a people’s India.

Com. Sonny Ambatt said that the ordinary people of Kerala are looking for credible and genuinely left alternatives. He reminisced that Com. Charu Majumdar himself had attended few meetings in or near Thalassery and that included one in which over a thousand people had attended braving brutal state repression of those days. Comrade KM Venugopalan and Comrade PC Ajaykumar also addressed the meeting.