Release GN Sai Baba !

G N Sai Baba

Activist and Delhi University lecturer G N Saibaba, in a wheelchair with a 90% physical disability, is incarcerated in solitary confinement in the notorious Anda Cell of Nagpur Central Jail. Apart from his disabilities, he also suffers from a serious heart condition, acute pancreatitis and gall bladder stones. Before his imprisonment, he was undergoing pre-operative care in preparation for surgery. But in prison he is not only being denied the urgent, life-saving medical care and surgical intervention he needs, he is also being denied access to the jail doctor and to medications he needs. His condition is worsening and he is reportedly unable to pass urine and suffers severe pain due to the pancreatitis and gall stones. As a person with disabilities, he is subjected to extreme indignities and inhuman living conditions inside the jail.

GN Saibaba’s conviction itself was a travesty of justice. His incarceration and denial of urgently needed medical attention is an unconscionable violation of human rights. We demand that GN Saibaba be shifted immediately to a hospital that is equipped to offer surgical and medical care to persons with severe disabilities. We will continue to fight till Saibaba is free!