Students held a protest meeting at Ishwar Sharan Degree College Gate on 2 July demanding cancellation of the Uttar Pradesh Police Exam 2018. The UP Police Exam was conducted on 18-19 June 2018 and was rampant with irregularities and corruption. The same question paper which was given out in the morning shift was also distributed in the evening shift which is against all competitive exam standards. Addressing the meeting, Sunil Maurya of Rozgar Mange India pointed out these flaws and said that irregularities and corruption are present on a large scale in the police exams; if this Police Exam is not cancelled candidates across the State will be forced to fight for justice and reach the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha to hold protests. Hundreds of students attended the meeting including Aquib Khan, Sailesh Paswan, Varun Tripathi, Sujit Gupta, Ram Babu, Pannalal Yadav, Utkarsh, Vijay Gautam and others.