A Sankalp Sabha led by the CPI(ML) Block Committee was organized on the premises of the Arangi Panchayat Bhavan in Garhwa, Jharkhand, attended by farmers, workers, and women in large numbers. It should be noted that on 30 May 2018 Bauraha (Meral Block) resident Ramji Mehta was killed in broad daylight at the Bana crossing while he was returning from the market. Ramji Mehta’s murder is not the first instance of its kind; over the last 6 months several such killings and other crimes have taken place. The growth in crime rate in this area shows not only the inaction of the police but also indicates a police-criminal nexus. The work-culture and attitude of the police is a major factor in the rise in confidence and morale of the criminals. 24 days have passed since the killing of Ramji Mehta. The culprits have been nabbed, only to be released again; what does this prove? Ramji Mehta’s daughter Pramila was among those who spoke at the meeting and narrated her travails. State Committee members and other CPI(ML) leaders addressed the meeting and demanded arrest of the perpetrators and safety and security to the victim family.