Resolutions Adopted by AILC Meeting February 24-25, 2013, Delhi

1) The AILC hails the working class for the successful and historic two-day All-India Strike of February 20-21, which is a fitting rebuff to the anti-people, anti-worker policies being imposed by the UPA Government at the behest of corporations and imperialist forces. The AILC cals upon the UPA government to fulfil the key demands of the strike in the budget session, roll back price hikes and enact food security legislation to provide 50 kg of subsidised foodgrains per month for every poor family. The AILC salutes the martyrdom of Narendra Singh, a striking worker of the Haryana Roadways who was crushed to death in Ambala, Haryana, on the first day of the strike, and condemns the crackdown on the working class in the Delhi-NCR region, especially NOIDA, Okhla, and Wazirpur, and the attempts to falsely frame trade union leaders and ordinary workers for the arson and looting that took place during the Strike. The AILC demands the unconditional release of all the arrested TU leaders and workers, and withdrawal of cases that have been booked against them.

2) The AILC condemns in the strongest terms the heinous bomb blasts that took place on February 21st evening in Hyderabad, and expresses condolences to the families of the blast victims. Whosoever be the perpetrator of the blasts, the timing – on the heels of a successful 2-day All-India Strike and the beginning of the Budget Session of Parliament – has served to fan divisiveness and deflect attention from the burning issues – price rise and rights of the working people; corruption; and sexual violence – that face the country. The AILC calls for a thoroughgoing, professional enquiry to identify and punish the culprits of the blasts, and cautions against any repeat of the trend of false framing of innocents in terror cases while the real perpetrators escaped.

3) The AILC condemns the statements of the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde which amount to a virtual clean chit to the communal RSS and related outfits in terrorism cases. Mr. Shinde’s original statement was irresponsible in so much as it linked terrorism to particular religions. But Mr. Shinde’s subsequent clean chit to the communal outfits whose role in terrorism has been indicated several times but is yet to be thoroughly probed, is highly unfortunate and is a case of capitulation to the saffron fascist brigade. Such capitulation and collusion on the part of the Congress is bound to strengthen the pro-Modi clamour launched by communal forces and endorsed by big corporate houses and imperialist powers. The AILC calls upon all secular democratic forces to strengthen their vigil against communal fascist forces.

4) The AILC hails the powerful and sustained people’s movement against sexual violence following the December 16 Delhi gang-rape, that demanded justice, freedom, and equality for women. The AILC rejects the ordinance introduced by the Government, as a deliberate attempt to dilute and subvert the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee. The AILC demands effective changes in the sexual violence laws based on the Justice Verma recommendations, that respect the autonomy of women, ensure accountability of the police and other authorities, and end the impunity of the powerful in cases of sexual violence.

5) The AW-101 chopper scam has brought to light yet another shocking case of high level corruption in defence purchases. Indications are that kickbacks were received to induce the purchase of a dozen VVIP choppers at needlessly exorbitant prices. The AILC demands immediate termination of the chopper contract, blacklisting of the Italian company Finmeccanica that paid bribes, and a thorough, time-bound and independent investigation to identify all those in the Indian Government, defence establishment and political and business circles who were complicit with this scam. The chopper scam highlights the need for a thorough scrutiny of India’s exorbitantly high defence budget and massive arms import bill. The national exchequer cannot be defrauded in the name of national security to facilitate such scams even as priority social sector expenditure remains starved of funds.

6) The AILC calls for an immediate halt to the Delhi-Mumbai corridor project which entails massive acquisition of agricultural land and displacement and dispossession of large numbers of families along the Delhi-Mumbai route.

7) Building on the spirit of united action generated by the February 20-21 strike, the AILC will launch a countrywide mass campaign from 1 May against the UPA government and various state governments which are pursuing pro-corporate anti-people policies resulting in relentless price hikes and mega corruption. The forthcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections must become major platforms of anti-corporate anti-corruption mass resistance and the powers that be must be forced to discard the present set of policies and reorient the economic policies of the country in the interest of public welfare and national self-reliance.

8) The AILC reiterates the demand that the UPA Government heed the popular demand for a separate state of Telangana and Gorkhaland, and cease the vacillating and delaying tactics on this score.

9) The recent revelations that indicate the alleged custodial killing by the Sri Lankan Army of the young son of LTTE leader Prabhakaran once again underlines the genocidal nature of the war on the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. The AILC demands an independent tribunal to probe the entire extent of the war crimes in Sri Lanka, and severe punishment for all those guilty. Only punishment and justice, rather than cover-up, impunity, and continued subjugation of the Tamil people, can be the grounds for any reconciliation or peace in Sri Lanka.

10) The AILC hails the ongoing popular movement of youth in Bangladesh demanding punishment for those guilty of the war crimes committed during the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971, and representing a powerful cry for justice and democracy, and a blow to the fundamentalist and right-wing forces.