Sanitation Workers’ Protest in Bhilai

A demonstration was held outside the Bhilai Municipal Corporation office on 26 May to demand solution of the problems faced by contractual sanitation workers in the Bhilai Municipal Corporation, after which representatives of the protest met the Commissioner and submitted a memorandum. Thereafter, the Commissioner took steps to arrange talks between the Union representatives, contract company CEO Manish, and the Commissioner. The Union representatives included JP Nair, U Shekhar Rao, Gajanand Jangde, Manoj Kosre, Neman, Dileep, Vishnu Pawar, Motam, Raj Kumar Bharti, Ramchandra and Ram Kumar. The demands raised in the memorandum include appointment letters, ID cards, uniforms, security equipment, minimum wages, ESI facilities, and payment of wages by the 10th of the month. Besides these, the issue of threatening workers with removal from work if they participate in dharnas, rallies, demonstrations, etc. was also raised. After the talks the contractor has given the assurance that all demands will be fulfilled.