Protest Meeting at Wardha Hindi University

The students of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha organized a protest meeting in the third week of October against the disappearance of JNU student Najeeb and the burning of dalit homes in Khagariya district, Bihar. The protest was held at the main gate of the University and candles were lit in the name of ‘Find Najeeb’.

It will be recollected that feudal forces burnt down over 50 dalit homes on the eve of Diwali in Chhamasiya village, Khagariya district, over a land dispute and several rounds of bullets were also fired to create terror in the people’s minds. Homes, property, and cattl of the poor were destroyed by this arson.

It is over a year since JNU student Najeeb disappeared but the Delhi police and the CBI have made no progress in the matter. The CBI has been investigating this case for the past 6 months but has not even interrogated the accused so far. Sometime ago when Najeeb’s mother and others protested in front of the CBI and the High Court, the police behaved brutally with Najeeb’s mother.

Student leader Arvind, speaking at the meeting, said that it is an insult to India that Najeeb’s mother is not able to get justice. The helplessness and ill-treatment of the mothers of Najeeb and Rohith Vemula is the helplessness and ill-treatment of India. Student leader Mukesh said that dragging and arresting Najeeb’ smother by the police is equivalent to arresting democracy.

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