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March to PM House Against Anti-Poor Demonetisation, 26th November

March to PM House Against Anti-Poor Demonetisation
26th November, from Mandi House at 1pm


On 8th November at 8pm the Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly declared that the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, valid till then, will not be in use anymore. We were told by the PM and subsequently by several media houses that this was done to curb black money and fake currency. And this is what the country is being made to go through since then-


Around 100 deaths
Daily wage labourers, small traders and poor families are missing daily income.
Purchasing power of the poor has further decreased. Buying daily food items has become difficult.
Hospitals are denying treatment, medical shops denying necessary medicine to them because of lack of available cash in hand.
People in remote and rural areas are facing unimaginable difficulty because of the extremely skewed distribution of banks and ATMs.


And at the same time

Loan of wilful corporate defaulters amounting to more than 70 thousand crores of rupees has been waived off. Adani, Ambani and Vijay Mallya include the list of those who don’t need to pay back people’s money kept in banks anymore.
Those who have kept unaccounted money in off-shore tax haven remain untouched. Before elections, we were told Black Money will be Brought Back. And now we are being told those who are standing in long queues are the real black money holders.
Prime Minister himself appeared in the advertisement of a private company Paytm urging people to go cashless in a country where more than half of the adult population do not have bank accounts.
The demonetisation move is nothing but an attack on the poor while the rich and the privileged continue to enjoy!
Banks are being bailed out through the money of the poor while black economy and black money kept in safe havens remain untouched!


This move needs to be fought back.

Students, workers and activists are campaigning in different localities of Delhi against the anti-poor demonetisation for the last several days.

Please join workers, women, and students in a march to the PM’s house – assemble at Mandi House at 1 pm on 26 November – to protest this draconian demonetisation move.


Our Demands –

Roll Back Demonetisation!
Punish the corporate defaulters of bank loans!
Bring out the list of names who have accounts in off-shore tax havens! Bring Back the Money!
Immediately Guarantee-
1. Free distribution of food items to every poor family
2. Free treatment in all Government and private hospitals
3. Free disbursal of medicines to poor families.


Kavita Krishnan, National Secretary, AIPWA, 9560756628
Ravi Rai, Delhi State Secretary, CPI-ML, 9599328755.
Sucheta De, National President, AISA, 9868383692.
Abhishek Kumar, AICCTU, Delhi, 9654881745.