Remembering Karl Marx on his 196th Birth Anniversary

If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for humankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we

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Tribute to Lenin


-by Langston Hughes

Lenin walks around the world.


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On Threats of War on Ukraine

Russia’s takeover of Crimea and its threat of war on Ukraine is condemnable. The use of Ukraine as a theatre for the tussle between Russia on the one

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Tribute to Pete Seeger

 (Based on tributes in The Guardian and Daily Mail)

Pete Seeger dies aged 94

Singer-song writer inspired folk revival in the US and was

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African and Indian Residents of Khirkee Village Speak atSit-In Against Racist Violence

 "My friend told me, don't go outside, they are beating up African women. I was planning to go out, but I stayed in and locked my door. They banged on our

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On the Occasion of South Korean President’s India Visit Citizens’ Protest at Environment Ministry against Clearance to POSCO

 Veerappa Moily, the new Minister of Environment and Forest (MOEF), audaciously cleared POSCO’s Steel Project, violating all norms, just before the arrival of the President of South Korea, Park Geun-Hye’

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On Bangladesh Polls

 The recently held elections in Bangladesh in which the Awami League swept, inspire little confidence and credibility. With 27 parties including the main opposition party and Left parties boycotting elections, widespread poll violence

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Anti-Modi protests at the Madison Square Garden

In the midst of the round-the-clock adulatory coverage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to the United States, the print and electronic media in India have conveniently omitted to even mention that Modi was also greeted by a

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Palestinian statement on murder of Mike Brown and solidarity with Ferguson

(Even as it comes to light that the weapons deployed by the US cops against black anti-racist protesters in the streets of Ferguson, Palestinians have come out with a statement of solidarity with the people of Ferguson. The statement, posted

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Venezuela’s revolution has our solidarity still!

(Socialists in Asia-Pacific pledge support for Venezuela's socialist revolution, a year after Chavez's death, in a resolution adopted at the 10th National Conference of the Socialist Alliance in Sydney) March 5 marked one year since the death of Venezuelan president and

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Message of Greetings from CPI(ML) CC to the 9th Congress of CPN(UML)

A CPI(ML) delegation comprising Central Committee member Comrade Rajaram Singh and Bihar State Committee member Comrade Virendra Gupta attended the 9th Congress of the CPN(UML). Comrade Rajaram Singh addressed the inaugural session of the 9th Congress. CPI(ML)

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Regional Joint Statement: End Offensive on Gaza

In the past week, Israeli military forces have escalated their offensive on the Gaza Strip. Israeli warplanes have increasingly targeted houses, civilian-populated areas and civilian facilities in the Gaza strip. Israeli warplanes have destroyed a number of houses while their

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