State Terror At Home Communal Language in Foreign Lands

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister in the Modi Government, in his speech to the Rajasthan Police Academy at Jaipur, reminded cops that while he had been the CM of Uttar Pradesh, he had assured cops that they could ‘tackle and eliminate

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100 Days of Betrayal and Warning

100 days – mostly hard and bitter, not of the dreamy and sweet kind promised before the elections – have elapsed since Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India’s first BJP-majority government. The new government may not yet

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Kashmir: When Jingoism Threatens to Flood Humanitarian Concerns

Jammu and Kashmir as well as the areas of Kashmir across the LoC have been with the worst floods in living memory. The floods, caused by sudden and extreme rainfall, have claimed some 80,000 across the LoC and 2000 lives in J&

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Red Salute to Comrade Mukul Sinha – Courageous Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy

Activist and lawyer Mukul Sinha succumbed to lung cancer in Ahmedabad on May 12. He was 63. A trade union activist, Sinha also fought many landmark battles for civil liberties and justice – many of them

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Long Live Comrade Suniti Kumar Ghosh

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) pays homage to the memory of comrade Suniti Kumar Ghosh, one of the founder members of our party and founder editor of our central organ Liberation, who

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CPI(ML) Perspective on Banaras Elections and More

(Ajaz Ashraf interviewed CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya for Livemint, on the party’s stand in Banaras, and other questions. Courtesy Livemint, May 5 2014)

Why did the CPI(ML)

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The Campaign Against Modi in Banaras

The CPI(ML), assisted by organisations of students, weavers and workers, is running a spirited independent campaign against Modi in Banaras, appealing to the people of Banaras to vote for the AAP candidate

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Confronting the BJP Gameplan in the Hindi Heartland

(Article by CPI(ML) GS Dipankar Bhattacharya that appeared in DNA daily, 14 April 2014)

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are undoubtedly the two most crucial states that will decide the final

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Opinion Polls, Advertisements, Paid News: Seeking to Manipulate and Distort Voters’ Behaviour

Even as the country prepares to go into the fifth phase of Lok Sabha polls, a fresh ‘opinion poll’ has been released, giving the NDA a clear majority. There are several disturbing questions that can be raised

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CPI(ML) Election Campaign in Pithoragarh

CPI(ML) activists have covered hundreds of kilometers on foot during a Jan Davedaari Yatra (People's Assertion Campaign) in second week of March to reach out to thousands of households in distant

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Anniversary of Martyrdom of Com. Gangaram Koal

Workers Rights demand Day observed

25th March, 2014, the 1st Anniversary of Martyrdom of Com. Gangaram Koal was observed as 'workers rights demand day' in different

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Communal Profiling in Terror Investigations:

Report from Abgila, Arwal, Bihar

A team comprising CPI(ML) leaders Dhirendra Jha, Kavita Krishnan, Mohd Salim, Rajaram and Mahanand, as well as senior advocates

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