(Volume No. and Part No.) Vol. 21, No. 16

Vol. 21, No. 16

CPI(ML) Call for Party Foundation Day April 22, 2018

In Lieu of Editorial: CPI(ML) Call for Party Foundation Day April 22, 2018:   Unleash United People’s Resistance to Defeat the Fascist Offensive of the Modi Regime and the Sangh Brigade!   Raise the CPI(ML) to New Heights in the Fiftieth Year of Party Foundation!   April 22, 2018 marks

Vol. 21, No. 15

Historic Bharat Bandh Against Dilution of SC/ST Act

To protest against this weakening of the SC-ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, a Bharat Bandh was called by various Dalit organizations. The CPI (ML) 10th Party Congress supported and joined the call to observe Bharat Bandh on 2 April to protest against this dilution of the Act. Below is a

Vol. 21, No. 15

Organised Communal Frenzy in West Bengal and Bihar

The Sangh Parivar is calculatedly unleashing communal violence on the pretext of religious processions like Ram Navami and Chaiti Durga. The processions organised on these occasions by the Sangh are armed to the teeth, and their purpose, far from being prayerful or spiritual, is to enter Muslim localities and even

Vol. 21, No. 15

Inaugural Convention of ‘Rozgaar Mange India’ Campaign Held

Inaugural Convention of ‘Rozgaar Mange India’ Campaign Held The Inaugural Convention of ‘Rozgaar Maange India’ was held at the Press Club on 11 March 2018. The campaign has been launched to highlight the extreme state of joblessness in country especially among the youth. The speakers at the convention ranged from

Vol. 21, No. 15

Comrade Duryodhan Behera

Obituary CPI(ML) is deeply grieved at the sudden and unexpected death of Comrade Duryodhan Behera, veteran leader of the CPI(ML)'s Odisha unit and the Chilika Matsyajeebee Mahasangh (organisation of fishworkers) at Mansa, during the 10th  Congress of the Party. Comrade Duryodhan had been part of many historic struggles of the

Vol. 21, No. 15

10th Party Congress of CPI(ML) Liberation Concludes

10th Party Congress of CPI(ML) Liberation Concludes on 28 March 2018 The 10th Party Congress of the CPI(ML) Liberation concluded on 28 March 2018 with the election of a 77-member Central Committee. Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya was re-elected General Secretary of the party. The 10th Party Congress of the CPI(ML) Liberation was held at

Vol. 21, No. 15

Judicial Offensive on SC/ST Act and Political Violence Against Dalit Protesters

The SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act was finally strengthened in 2015 through long-pending amendments that sought to correct the abysmally low rate of convictions under the law. The amended law recognised a whole range of atrocities commonly meted out to SC/ST people, mandated establishment of exclusive Special Courts and appointment