Saharanpur Carnage

Punishing Politically Assertive, Self-Reliant Dalits Who Refuse to be Foot Soldiers of Hindutva’s Hate Politics (On 5 May, Dalits in Shabbirpur village of Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh were attacked. A CPI(ML) team comprising comrades Afroz Alam, Bholaram Maurya, and Chunnilal visited Shabbirpur village and met the injured at the Saharanpur District

India’s Human Rights Rhetoric And Reality

Kavita Krishnan Presenting India’s human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process in May 2017, Indian Government representative, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi made several claims about India’s human rights record. Here is a reality check about his claims. “Culture of torture

Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti Activists Being Forced to ‘Surrender’ As Maoists

(A fact finding team comprising environmental and social activist Priya Pillai, All India Progressive Women's Association Secretary Kavita Krishnan, senior activist Chittaranjan Behera, Santi Snigdha Mohanty of Delhi Solidarity Group, student activist Birender and Comrade Loknath Nauri of CPIML Liberation visited the Niyamgiri region for three days between 14-16 May

Rajendra Dhasmana: A Strong Voice of Dissent in Literature And Politics

- Madan Mohan Chamoli and Indresh Maikhuri Rajendra Dhasmana, born in Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand), intellectual-thinker, journalist-editor, theatre activist, cultural activist, and a strong voice of dissent in literature and politics, passed away on the night of 16 May 2017. He was 81 years old. He had been in government service and had

Protests Against the Spate of Lynch Mob Killings in Jharkhand

Following circulation of rumours on WhatsApp about child-lifting, seven people were killed on 18 May 2017 by lynch mobs near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Three of those killed in the first incident at Rajnagar on 18 May morning were Sheikh Sajju (25), Sheikh Siraj (26) and Naim (35). Another member of

French Elections 2017: No Cause for Celebration

In contrast to some of the shock wins for far-right forces internationally of recent months – the Trump victory and the British vote for Brexit in particular, the big news of the French Presidential election was not so much who won – the neoliberal reformer Emmanuel Macron – but the

‘We Must Unite to Resist the Racist and Fascist Right’

(Based on Comrade Dipankar’s address at the inaugural session of the Marxism 2017 conference hosted by the Socialist Alternative group of Australia in Melbourne from 13 to 16 April, 2017) Three decades ago when the Soviet Union collapsed, triumphant ideologues of capitalism proclaimed the end of history. The global victory of

Communist Movement in India

Communist Movement in India Historical Perspective and Important Documents Volume One (1917-39) Edited with an Introduction by Arindam Sen & Partha Ghosh INDEX The Prelude (1857-1917) Party Foundation and the Years Preceding it (1917-1925) The Brief But Successful Era of WPPs: (1926-1929) From Setback to REorganisation: 1930-1937 Independent Initiative and United Front: 1935-39 Role of CPI on Workers, Peasant and other Fronts: