Unjust Eviction of Poor in Patna

CPI (ML) State Secretary Kunal condemned the eviction of popular leader Murtaza Ali and hundreds of other poor families from their homes in Gardanibagh in Patna without making alternative arrangements. When the High Court has directed that people should not be evicted without alternative arrangements first being made, how can this government which claims to champion social justice take such an action? Only recently Murtaza Ali and others had held a 2-day hunger strike demanding at least 20 acres of the 180 acres between Road No 1 and 40 for housing for the poor, no eviction of the poor without alternative arrangements in place, distribution of ration which has been stopped, and proper compensation for the families whose homes have been destroyed. The administration had assured them of positive action but now they are continuing the same destructive action. The Party has asked for intervention by Nitish Kumar in this matter and said that the government should not go back on its promises to the people and should make permanent arrangements for housing the poor.