Save Jharkhand, Save Democracy Campaign

The CPI(ML) launched a ‘Save Jharkhand Save Democracy’ campaign at an cadre convention held on 16 November at Patel Park, Ranchi which was attended by over 800 activists from various districts of the State.

Addressing the meet, CPI (ML) General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya said that no single Party or single leader was responsible for the loot and ruin of Jharkhand in the last 13 years. All the 5 parties in Jharkhand—Congress, BJP, JVM, JMM, and AJSU—are equally responsible. Before talking about Parties and leaders, we must talk about the need for policy change. The economic policies and the policies for land acquirement, privatization, and contractualization prevalent in the country and in the State are responsible for this loot. Jharkhand is rich in natural resources; it also has rampant poverty, unemployment, and migration. Earlier, coal mines were nationalized but now they are being handed over to private interests. Jharkhand has become the capital for loot of collieries and minerals. Corruption and price rise have escalated sharply in the country due to pro-corporate economic policies.

He added that after Muzaffarnagar, Bihar is the target for communal forces, in the run up to 2014 Lok Sabha polls, and Jharkhand won’t be far behind. The BJP is aware that unless it increases its seats in UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, its dream of the PM’s post will remain an empty one. Therefore it is following the strategy of “Inflame communal passions, increase number of seats”.

Comrade Dipankar added that Modi has the backing not only of the BJP but also of big corporate companies like Reliance and Ambani as well as Adani, power company owner and one of the world’s biggest capitalists. Jharkhand is the home soil of Birsa Munda and Mahendra Singh, we will not let it go into the hands of fascist and communal-corporate fascist powers.

Addressing the Convention, State Secretary Janardan Prasad said that we must bring Jharkhand out of the vicious circle of loot and repression. Our Party is gaining the confidence of the people of Jharkhand who are getting increasingly disillusioned with the ruling Parties.

The Convention was presided over by CCW member Shubendu Sen. Expressing his views, CCW member Manoj Singh Bhakt said that we must carry forward the struggle for the reconstruction of Jharkhand. Central Committee member and MLA Vinod Singh, Anant Prasad Gupta, senior leaders Bahadur Oraon, Mohan Dutta, Rajkumar Yadav, Bhuvaneshwar Kewat, Devdeep Singh Diwakar, Bhuneshwar Bediya, Prem Prakash, RN Singh, Mahesh Sawariya, Vijay Singh, Krishna Singh and other leaders presented reports of their districts. A people’s resolution booklet titled “Save Jharkhand, Save Democracy from Corporate Fascism” was released at the Convention. An intensive campaign all over Jharkhand followed in November and December.