Bhagalpur AICCTU Resists Eviction in Name of ‘Smart City’

At the conclusion of AICCTU’s May campaign against the government conspiracy to evict the poor in the name of making Bhagalpur a ‘Smart City’, Jugad vehicle drivers and workers held an angry protest in front of the Bhagalpur Collectorate on 31 May 2017. Hundreds of Jugad vehicle drivers from the district gathered at the Station complex under the joint banners of the Unorganized Workers Association (affiliated to AICCTU) and its branch organization Jugad Gaadi Chaalak Sangh and took out a rally, armed with red flags and posters and placards. The police started rounding them up as soon as they came out of the Station complex but the rally proceeded in spite of this and reached the Collectorate. The protest was led by Com SK Sharma and Mukesh Mukta, Speakers addressing the meeting at the Collectorate said that the livelihoods of the poor and workers are being attacked under the Nitish and Modi governments. The governments are conspiring to drive away the poor from the city in the name of ‘Smart City’. Earlier shopkeepers were driven away from footpaths and now Jugad drivers are being targeted. This will not be tolerated at any cost.

At the conclusion of the meeting a delegation held talks with the ADM (in the absence of the DM) who gave the assurance that a solution would be found. The delegation comprised of SK Sharma, Mukesh Mukta, Jugad drivers’ leaders Ramlakhan Ram and Sunil Yadav. AICCTU, AISA, RYA activists and about 400 Jugad drivers participated in the protest.