Migrant Workers from Jharkhand Hold Meeting in Mumbai

In a praiseworthy effort to organize migrant workers from Jharkhand in Mumbai, a meeting was organized at Andheri, Mumbai on 18 June 2017. The meeting was addressed by former Jharkhand MLA and Central Committee member, Com. Vinod Singh, PB member Com. Shankar, and CPI (ML) Maharashtra Secretary Com Shyam Gohil as well as several comrades from Jharkhand. More than 300 people attended the meeting.

The meeting began with revolutionary and progressive songs and a play against violence by Gau Rakshak goons performed by the Mumbai unit of Jan Sanskriti Manch. The efforts of Com Vinod in making contact with workers as well as a concerted campaign on social media brought a lot of people’s support for the meeting and filled the workers with a new energy and hope. They discussed their various problems at the work place and resolved to make every effort to solve these problems. The workers present reiterated their support for the CPI(ML) and their faith in Com Vinod.