Dharna for Mine Workers Demands in Lohardaga

The CPI (ML) organized a march at Kisko Block headquarters in Lohardaga district on 29 March 2017 with a 9- point charter of demands. The march culminated as a dharna. The following demands were made through the dharna: strict implementation of safety rules in the Hindalco mines; legal action against the Mines Manager and Hindalco Manager responsible for the recent death of 2 workers in the Hindalco Pakhar Mines area; Rs 10 lakh compensation to each of the victims’ families; payment without delay of wage arrears of workers in various government schemes and Agriculture Insurance 2015; correction without delay of the numerous errors and anomalies during online uploading of peasants’ land records; ration cards for rural poor who have been deprived of this facility and a panchayat-based survey for implantation of old age/widow pensions; re-starting the suspended accounts of farmers of Tisiya, Salaiyya and Khadiya villages. The dharna was led by comrades Anant Prasad Gupta, Vishwanath Gupta, Mahesh Singh, Kamil Munda, Mujib Ansari and Bharat Gope.