AISA Activists Arrested in Allahabad

Yogi Adityanath could not put up with AISA’s peaceful protest demonstration in Allahabad when he visited the city on 4 June. AISA activists- including State Sec. Sunil Maurya, Allahabad University office bearers Shakti Rajwar, Ranvijay Vidrohi, ex-AUSU Vice President Shalu Yadav, Amisha Anand, Rashmi Singh, Shivani Jaiswal, Devesh Mishra, Srijan, Niranjan, Vishnu, Ashutosh, Vivek Gautam and Shahbaaz Malik- were arrested for protesting against UP government’s inaction in the Saharanpur anti-Dalit carnage, increasing assaults on women, attacks on minorities, crackdown on livelihood and employment opportunities through slaughter house ban. In a state where cow-goons are given free hand, anti-Romeo squads continue to terrorise consenting adults, upper caste goons are being protected by the power; law and order, which was made the issue by the BJP in last elections has become the biggest victim under the Yogi government. When democratic voices of dissent are arrested and repressed, it is bound to intensify dissent and protests in the streets in the coming days.