CBI Raid on NDTV is Vindictive

The CBI raid on the NDTV offices and home of the promoters, without even a preliminary enquiry, smacks of a vindictive attempt to intimidate the media. It is reminiscent of the midnight knocks of the Emergency. The CPIML condemns such attempts by the Central Government to single out and punish sections of media that have retained a measure of independence and professionalism at a time when vast and influential sections of the media are lending themselves as tools of fascist propaganda.

Terming this vengeful act an attack on democracy and freedom of speech CPI(ML) Politburo member Kunal has said that the CBI has been appropriated as a tool in the hands of Modi gov. to take revenge against its political opponents, while at the same time likes of Vijay Mallya are enjoying cricket matches in Britain with full impunity. This is highly dangerous for a democratic country that such institutions have been reduced to serve the sectarian political interests of the ruling party, he said.