Comrade Duryodhan Behera


CPI(ML) is deeply grieved at the sudden and unexpected death of Comrade Duryodhan Behera, veteran leader of the CPI(ML)’s Odisha unit and the Chilika Matsyajeebee Mahasangh (organisation of fishworkers) at Mansa, during the 10th  Congress of the Party.

Comrade Duryodhan had been part of many historic struggles of the Mahasangh to defend traditional fisher-people’s rights and destroy illegal prawn gherries of the prawn mafia. Such struggles had to fight pitched battles on boats with the police and the prawn mafia, and several comrades lost their lives to police firing. Comrade Duryodhan was a key leader of these struggles.

Red Salute to Comrade Duryodhan!