Sankalp Sabha in Beguserai in Memory of Martyrs

The CPI (ML) Beguserai district committee organized a Sankalp Sabha on 21 March 2017 to remember the martyrs at the Ballia Dharmashala Maidan. It was one year ago on this day that CPI (ML) leaders Com. Mahesh Ram and Com. Ram Pravesh Ram, heroes of the Maksudanpur Diyara land struggle, were killed by feudal forces. The Sankalp Sabha was addressed by Com Rajaram Singh and Com Shivsagar Sharma.

Paying tributes to the martyrs, the speakers said that the struggle for social justice and land rights would continue in the face of all obstacles. The sacrifice of comrades Mahesh Ram and Ram Pravesh Ram would not go in vain. The right wing reactionary forces led by the BJP are making naked attempts to institutionalize corporate loot and inflict the agenda of a communal Hindu Rashtra on the country, and all democracy and justice loving people must unite and fight to defeat these forces. They cautioned that fresh attacks for land loot would soon be launched by pro-corporate forces, and we must oppose them by standing firm for land rights and land reform struggles. They said that our comrades’ martyrdom is creating a new energy in Eastern Bihar from Arariya, Purnea, Khagariya, and Bhagalpur to Beguserai. The need of the hour is to mobilize and organize the poor and the marginalized into a strong movement. The Sangh brigade is organizing all the reactionary forces in the country and their fascist behavior poses a grave danger to democracy. We must walk in the footsteps of Bhagat Singh to save the country from their evil designs. The Sabha was also addressed by comrades Noor Alam, Chandradev Verma, Divakar Kumar, Parvez Alam, Gauri Paswan, Manto Paswan, Shailendra Singh, Deepak Sinha, Mukti Narayan Singh, and others.